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Industrial Chemtex is a full service water treatment company that specializes in chemical treatment and services for boiler, cooling, and hot and cold loop systems. In addition, our water re-use programs utilize a combination of equipment, chemicals, and filtration devices that can increase plant efficiency and help protect one our most valuable resources, water.

Our company is based out of Raleigh, North Carolina and prides itself with providing superior service, chemicals, and delivered value to customers. This is why we are one of the most successful regional water treatment companies in the area. Our clients include manufacturing plants, municipalities, state/federal government, office buildings, hospitals, universities, and mechanical contractors. All service representatives have extensive training and experience in the water treatment industry and will design an effective water quality program that will be the most efficient for your company, as well as safe for our environment.

Primary Applications

Cooling Water Chemicals
Chemtex produces a comprehensive line of chemicals to control scaling, corrosion, deposition and microbiological fouling in open and closed recirculating and once-through cooling water systems.

Boiler Water Chemicals
Chemtex boiler treatment chemicals provide complete scale and corrosion control in boiler, pre-boiler and condensate return systems.

Reverse Osmosis Chemicals
We offer an extensive line of RO chemicals including:

  • Membrane cleaners
  • Anti-scalants
  • Microbiocides
Closed Loop Chemicals
Chemtex provides a wide array of closed loop chemicals to protect our customers’ loop systems from corrosion, fouling and microbial growth.

Wastewater Treatment Chemicals
We have the technology and expertise to handle all your wastewater treatment problems from metals removal to BOD and COD reduction.

Ancillary Products
From cleaners and dechlorinators to rust converters and bacterial digestants, we offer a variety of innovative products to help you maintain your entire facility.

Industrial Chemtex Inc. is located in Raleigh, NC. We are partners with International Chemtex, who's main production facility and technical laboratory are located at their ISO 9001:2000 certified Lakeville headquarters. International Chemtex also has production facilities in Roanoke, Virginia and San Juan, Puerto Rico.