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The System:
One evaporative condenser type tower manufactured by BAC located on the ground next to the building trash dumpster. The tower system was operated on city make-up water at 3 to 4 cycles of concentration. The water treatment program was inadequate and the tower was poorly maintained.

The Problem:
Upon taking over service and treatment at this building, the tower sumps were physically cleaned of all mud and debris. Upon cleaning, SRB nodules were evident. SRB testing was not necessary to confirm the contamination.

The Solution:
The cooling tower sump was physically cleaned with a high-pressure water hose to remove nodules. The nodules not removed by water pressure were scraped and brushed. The system was then filled and shocked with Bromex 11. A chemical treatment program was started using HS-4230 for scale and corrosion, Bromex 11 and AA-4015 for biological control. The tower sumps were siphoned clean on a regular basis.

The Benefits:
By maintaining clean tower basins, the chemical treatment program has been able to keep SRB from returning. The biocide program is much more effective on clean tower surfaces.