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Control of the growth of algae, bacteria and other micro-organisms is critical to the safe and efficient operation of your cooling water system. Bacteria and algae form biofilms that foul your system and drive up costs by decreasing efficiency. Acidic bacterial by-products damage or destroy your equipment, and bacteria cause Legionnaires and other diseases. Controlling microbial growth is a difficult, complex task.

Chemtex gives you the tools you need to get the job done. We offer a complete line of oxidizing biocides, including liquid and solid chlorine and bromine products, along with highly effective chlorine dioxide. Our extensive non-oxidizing biocide line includes isothiazolone, glutaraldehyde, DBNPA and others.

Complementing this array of biocides is a group of biodispersants and biofilm cleaners that work with the biocide programs to clean up biofilms and help keep your system clean and operating safely and efficiently.

These products represent 21st Century technology in the microbe battle; this technology is enhanced through effective and timely monitoring of microbial populations and precision control of biocide and biodispersant dosages. Chemtex offers a comprehensive line of biocide feed and control equipment to maximize the effectiveness of your microbio control program. We also provide dipslides and other general bacteria count testing, SRB, IRB and other specific bacteria tests, including Legionella. We also utilize ATP testing, an electronic test method that provides instant determination of cooling water microbial levels.