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The proximity of our corporate headquarters to Minnesota’s 10,000+ lakes and the headwaters of the Mississippi River gives us a unique perspective on the effect of phosphorus discharge to the environment.

Phosphorus accelerates the growth rate of algae, duckweed and other aquatic organisms. These organisms use a large amount of oxygen, and their rapid growth prevents sunlight from penetrating the water, making the water unlivable for other aquatic life, including many fish species. This phenomenon, known as eutrophication, is a serious problem associated with the release of phosphorus to the aquatic environmemt.

Chemtex Green Program biocides and dispersants are completely phosphorus-free. Green Program inhibitors utilize advanced polymer/phosphonate technology that provides a ten-fold reduction in cooling water phosphorus content compared with the use of traditional phosphonate/polymer products. At recommended usage rates, Green Program inhibitors have a negligible impact on eutrophication, even when discharged directly to lakes and waterways.