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Rising water and utility costs demand that you maximize cooling water cycles of concentration and minimize chemical use. But doing this requires pinpoint control of bleed-off and chemical feed rates to prevent scale and corrosion from damaging your equipment and destroying your budget. Chemtex's PREDICT™ computerized water modeling program gives you the capability to exercise this tight control.

Using sophisticated software, PREDICT™ precisely defines your cooling system water chemistry parameters, enabling you to operate your system at maximum cycles of concentration, saving chemical, water and sewerage costs while assuring your system is completely protected against scale and corrosion. PREDICT™ even identifies the correct inhibitor and determines the proper dosage for positive protection of your system.

Through complex calculations using your actual system data, PREDICT™ shows the scaling and corrosion failure points for your system in easy-to-understand color 3D graphics. Armed with this information, you maximize your savings while resting assured that your system is protected. Click here for examples of PREDICT™ graphs.