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Cooling system blowdown can account for as much as 50% of the total system fresh water use. Increasing cooling system cycles of concentration reduces blowdown and can result in significant water savings. For example, a 500 ton system operating at 2 cycles of concentration loses 21,600 gallons of water per day to blowdown. Increasing cycles of concentration to 5 reduces blowdown losses from the system to 5400 gallons per day, a savings of 16,200 gallons per day, or almost 6 million gallons per year, based on 365 day operation!

Advanced polymer/phosphonate technology enables Green Program inhibitors to operate systems at higher cycles, saving water and reducing chemical consumption.

For more information from the EPA on water conservation & business, click here

For more information from the EPA on water management techniques & business, click here

Interactive Water Calculator

Use the Interactive Water Calculator below to discover just how much water and money you can save by increasing your cycles of concentration. Input your system specifications and water costs to see how much the International Chemtex Green Cooling Water Program can help you save.

Tonnage Hours/Day Days/Year Load Factor (percent) Water Cost/1000 Gallons Sewer Cost/1000 Gallons
$ $

 Number of Cycles 2 3 4 5 6
 Gallons of Water
15,768,000 11,826,000 10,512,000 9,855,000 9,460,800
 Gallons of Water Bleed
7,884,000 3,942,000 2,628,000 1,971,000 1,576,800
 Water Cost/Year $27,594.00 $20,695.50 $18,396.00 $17,246.25 $16,556.40
 Sewer Cost/Year $21,681.00 $10,840.50 $7,227.00 $5,420.25 $4,336.20
 Water Saved
----- 3,942,000 5,256,000 5,913,000 6,307,200
 Money Saved/Year ----- $17,739.00 $23,652.00 $26,608.50 $28,382.40