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Chemtex produces a comprehensive line of products that help you maintain your facility. The Ancillary Product line numbers over 30 products in three broad categories:

• Chemical Cleaners

  • Acid-based cleaners Chemtex has acid-based products for removing all types of mineral deposits and scale from heat exchange and HVAC equipment. This line includes cleaners that are safe for use on all types of metal surfaces, from black iron and galvanized steel to copper and other yellow metals, as well as all grades of stainless steel
  • Alkaline cleaners These products are used to clean new systems or new piping to prevent fouling and under-deposit corrosion in hot and chilled water loops
  • Coil cleaners Our coil cleaner line features alkaline, acidic and neutral cleaners to return all types of air-handling condenser and evaporator coils to peak efficiency
  • Specialty Cleaners We provide specialty products for cleaning everything from motors and machinery to softener resin
• Fuel Treatments
  • Chemtex fuel oil treatments keep your oil-fired boiler operating efficiently by eliminating water and sludge problems and improving combustion efficiency
• Specialty Products
  • This extensive line features more than a dozen products that perform a variety of specialty functions including:
    • Foam control in both boiler and cooling applications
    • Water dechlorination
    • Cooling tower and closed loop seasonal lay-up
    • Fire sprinkler system corrosion control
    • Rust conversion and metal surface passivation
    • Bacterial digestants for odor control and digestion of organic wastes