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Our customers expect their boiler systems to operate efficiently, reliably and safely. That's why, at Chemtex, we design programs that keep boiler systems free from scale and corrosion while minimizing water and fuel losses. We are passionate about helping our customers achieve trouble-free boiler room operation and reduce their overall operational costs.

Chemtex has over 30 years of experience in blending formulations for protection of the entire feedwater, boiler and steam and condensate system. In our ISO 9001:2000 certified facility we use the finest raw material ingredients to produce a complete line of chemical products including:

  • Boiler water sludge conditioners and dispersants
  • Sulfite-based and volatile oxygen scavengers
  • Alkalinity builder adjuncts
  • Neutralizing and filming amine return-line treatments
  • Boiler water antifoams
  • Convenience products
We provide these technologies in formulations approved by the U.S. FDA for use in all types of food and beverage processing plants.

Chemtex provides equipment packages from the simple to the complex for precise boiler blowdown and chemical feed control. From a simple conductivity controller and chemical pump to a sophisticated microprocessor-based controller tied into a building automation system, we can meet all your boiler system control equipment needs.