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Chemtex takes treatment of your closed loop seriously. Though closed loops typically use little make-up water, problems that occur because of improper closed loop water treatment can result in tens of thousands of dollars spent on repair or replacement of piping and HVAC or process equipment.

Chemtex offers a comprehensive line of closed loop treatments that give you a sure defense against closed loop corrosion, fouling and microbiological growth. Our line includes a wide array of metallic and all-organic corrosion inhibitors, including products designed to provide complete protection to high-purity loop systems. Chemtex corrosion inhibitors prevent corrosion to all system metals, including ferric and yellow metal components.

Our closed loop biocides control bacteria populations, including aerobic bacteria and anaerobes like sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB).

Chemtex provides a complete line of filtration equipment for closed loops, including bag and cartridge filter housings and replacement media. Bags and cartridges capable of removing particles down to less than 0.45 microns are available.

A Chemtex closed loop treatment program will keep your loop operating efficiently and trouble-free for years to come.