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International Chemtex Corporation is committed to environmental stewardship through all aspects of its business.

  • Our production facilities operate under a zero discharge policy with rinsate and overage batch containment.
  • We manufacture all our products using chemical components with the least environmental impact possible.
  • We maintain water and energy conservation partnerships with our customers through implementation of treatment programs that allow system operation at increased cycles of concentration and higher heat transfer efficiency.
  • In 2007 we began the conversion to a paperless workplace. In the past year, we have cut paper consumption in our offices by 25%; we target an additional 50% reduction by 2010.
  • Even our land holdings are committed to this cause – each acre of manufacturing space is offset by an acre devoted to renewable resource production.

The Chemtex Green Program is the centerpiece of our commitment to preserving the environment. Our Green Program product line includes scale and corrosion inhibitors, dispersants and biocides that can be safely discharged with minimal impact on the aquatic environment. We carefully formulate these products using no heavy metals and advanced phosphonate/polymer technology that results in a ten-fold reduction in cooling water discharge phosphorus content.

The focus of our Green Program is not limited to green chemistry alone. It incorporates technology that reduces blowdown rates, saving precious fresh water and providing clean heat transfer surfaces, decreasing our carbon footprint.

Click here to view the Green Program brochure.

Click here and use the Interactive Water Calculator to discover just how much water and money you can save by increasing your cycles of concentration.

Click here and use the Interactive Carbon Calculator to discover how scale can inflate your operating costs and carbon footprint.

For more information on green business practices including water conservation, please visit the EPA’s Green website at: