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You depend on your reverse osmosis (RO) system to deliver a reliable, consistent supply of high purity water for your production or process. Impurities carried by the RO system feedwater build up on membrane surfaces, decreasing system efficiency and negatively affecting effluent water quality. Feedwater suspended solids, dissolved minerals and microorganisms all contribute to this problem.

Chemtex offers a complete line of reverse osmosis treatment chemicals to help you combat membrane fouling and scaling problems:

  • Membrane Cleaners
    Chemtex provides both alkaline and acidic cleaners designed to remove all types of membrane foulants and scales, returning your unit to peak performance.
  • Antiscalants
    Chemtex RO antiscalants prevent the formation of a wide array of scales, including calcium carbonate, calcium, barium and strontium sulfate, silica and iron. Chemtex field engineers determine the correct product for your system feedwater and prescribe the precise dosage necessary to prevent scale formation and maintain unit performance.
  • Microbiocides
    Chemtex RO biocides control bacterial growth, keeping membranes free of slime and biofouling. Regular use of the correct biocide reduces membrane cleaning and replacement costs.